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                                                    A                                 B
         Fall Blessings

         At the NEW Signature HomeStyles we
         are all about creating a beautiful home
         you love to live in. It's where your family
         will laugh, love and live together so it
         should be your favorite place to be.

         With each purchase, in addition to
         making your home beautiful, you are        C                               D, E
         helping our amazing Representatives
         reach their dreams, too! We are about
         empowering women and men, just like
         you, to create a life they love.

         Thank you for being part of our family
         whether it's as a Customer, Host or
         Representative. We are honored to
         help you make your home and your life


         Cari Christopher and the
         New Signature Home Styles Team


        What do our symbols mean?

           Signature HomeStyles exclusive
           Handcrafted w/renewable materials                                       I, J
              LED item that lights up
       S Weatherproof

                                                                              H            A Home Where Love Resides Sign
                                                                                           Molded wood. 11"L x 11"H x 1"D.
                                                                                              WD683 • $15
               Visa, MasterCard, Discover                                                  B Live by Faith Sign
             and American Express welcome.                                                 Molded wood. 11"L x 11"H x 1"D.
                                                                                              WD688 • $15
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